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Month: July 2018

Ford GT and Ferrari 458 Comparison Test

2005 Ford GT Long Term Fleet Ferrari 458 Audi R8

My Ford GT spent time with an Audi R8 and Ferrari 458

February 2012: Ford GT versus Ferrari 458 Comparison Test

In February of 2012 I organized a comparison test between an Audi R8 and Ferrari 458. This was for another website I was running at the time and didn’t, technically, have anything to do with my Ford GT. Of course, having two more mid-engine sports cars at my disposal made it impossible not to think about how they stacked up against the Ford GT.

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Ford GT Original Optima Battery, and Oil Pressure Gauge, Die

2005 Ford GT Long Term Battery Replacement

My Ford GT’s battery finally gave up after 6 years

January 2012: Bye-Bye Original Battery, and Oil Pressure Gauge

Just over 7 years after getting my 2005 Ford GT the original battery died. I know of other Ford GT owners with original batteries that lasted longer, and the sad fact is I wasn’t particularly kind to this car’s battery. My Ford GT often sat for weeks at a time without being started, and months at a time without being put on a battery charger. When I realized the battery was dead and wouldn’t hold a charge, I wasn’t at all surprised.

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