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My Ford GT turns over 27,000 Miles

2005 Ford GT American Flag

My Ford GT was aging gracefully after almost a decade

In May of 2015, my 2005 Ford GT turned over 27,000 miles. You can see it here in the picture above. If I remember correctly, I had actually taken the time to clean my car that day, and it was a good job I did because we decided to take these pictures on a bit of a whim. I’ve even got my car parked perfectly in front of the American flag. I like to think of my car as an all-American vehicle, so it only seems right that the American flag should be pictured in the shot. Even after all this time, driving this beautiful car still provides me with a great amount of joy. The car continued to perform almost flawlessly. Almost.

New Ford GT at the Chicago Auto Show

New Ford GT Chicago Auto Show Profile

The New Ford GT in a new color at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show

One month after the new Ford GT debuted at the Detroit auto show the car made its second appearance at the Chicago auto show. The global┬ádebut GT was painted a shimmering shade of “Liquid Blue” with no stripes. The Chicago auto show car wore “Ingot Silver” with wide, dark gray (“Alloy”) stripes. As in Detroit, the car drew a consistent crowd throughout both Chicago auto show press days.

Ford GT: The Ultimate American Muscle Car

Ford GT Dodge Challenger Pontiac Firebird Muscle Cars

The Ford GT is the latest, and best, in a long line of muscle cars I’ve owned

My first automotive love was the American muscle car. I had a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T before I had my driver’s license, followed by a 1969 and then a 1970 Plymouth GTX before I graduated high school. The concept of a powerful, torque-rich V8 engine was core to my earliest driving experiences and expectations, and I continue to appreciate these traits in vintage and modern automobiles.

Ford GT: Not Valet Friendly

Ford GT Pelican Hill

The Ford GT fits in at premium resorts, assuming they don’t require valet parking

When you live in Southern California there’s an expectation of handing your keys to complete strangers when visiting a premium restaurant or resort. As a midwestern boy this expectation makes zero sense to me. I certainly understand, and even appreciate, the concept of valet service, but I have zero patience for establishments that require the use of such a service when I’m driving my Ford GT.

Ford GT Steals the Super Street Car Show

Ford GT Super Street Show Girls

I visited the Super Street car show with my Ford GT, as an observer

In January of 2015 I went to a local import performance car show in Costa Mesa. It was sponsored by Super Street magazine, the first magazine I worked at as a feature writer (before that I worked at Hot Rod, Car Craft and several other enthusiast magazines as an editorial assistant). I didn’t go to be a part of the show, just an observer.

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