2005 Ford GT American Flag

My Ford GT was aging gracefully after almost a decade

In May of 2015 my 2005 Ford GT turned over 27,000 miles. The car continued to perform almost flawlessly. Almost.

2005 Ford GT Odometer 27000

At 27,000 miles my Ford GT had a short list of items to address

Unfortunately the recurring gauge failure theme returned again in 2015, this time manifesting as a broken tachometer. Other minor issues included a broken engine vent stud, which I literally band-aided using a piece of tape to keep it from vibrating and further hurting itself. The windshield had also been cracked, again, by an errant extension cord swinging into it when the GT was parked in my garage. Don’t ask.

Regardless, after 27,000 miles my Ford GT still ran great and looked great, but a list of minor issues continued to build. Another visit with the Ford GT Guys was in order and, thankfully, would happen soon.