Ford GT Super Street Show Girls

I visited the Super Street car show with my Ford GT, as an observer

In January of 2015 I went to a local import performance car show in Costa Mesa. It was sponsored by Super Street magazine, the first magazine I worked at as a feature writer (before that I worked at Hot Rod, Car Craft and several other enthusiast magazines as an editorial assistant). I didn’t go to be a part of the show, just an observer.

Ford GT Super Street Show

My Ford GT drew a crowd, even though it wasn’t in the show

I parked the Ford GT across from the Super Street show venue and wandered through the many modified import tuner cars. I was surprised to see so may high-end exotics at the show because Super Street focused on modified Civics, Integras and Eclipses when I helped launch it in October of 1996. Now it’s very much about high-end cars from brands like Lamborghini and Porsche. Maybe that’s why so many people were clustered around my Ford GT when I returned to leave the show. Seeing a Ford GT on the street remains a rare occurrence, even in exotic-car-strewn Southern California, and even at an exotic-focused car show.