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Ford GT Steals the Super Street Car Show

Ford GT Super Street Show Girls

I visited the Super Street car show with my Ford GT, as an observer

In January of 2015 I went to a local import performance car show in Costa Mesa. It was sponsored by Super Street magazine, the first magazine I worked at as a feature writer (before that I worked at Hot Rod, Car Craft and several other enthusiast magazines as an editorial assistant). I didn’t go to be a part of the show, just an observer.

Ford GT Celebrated at Supercar Sunday

Ford GT Supercar Sunday

Almost 20 Ford GTs showed up for the Supercar Sunday car show

Another weekend means another car show in Southern California. In fact, every Sunday there’s a car show called Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills, northwest of Los Angeles. While this show happens every weekend,┬áthere’s often a vehicle theme at Supercar Sunday that celebrates a specific model. In September 2014 the celebrated model was the Ford GT.

Ford GT Competes in Car Show and Gets Quicker from Engine Modifications

October 2007 was another slow month for driving the Ford GT. There was some action in the areas of car shows and acceleration testing. Both events occurred this month, with my first-ever official car show entry resulting in a second-place trophy. And we finally tested the Ford GT, post horsepower modifications, to see how much quicker it was from zero-to-60 and through the quarter-mile. Thankfully, it gained in both areas…

2005 Ford GT Long Term Westlake Car Show

My 2005 Ford GT entered its first official show in Westlake, California

Ford GT Competes in Car Show

October 9, 2007 at 10,820 miles

I’ve never entered a vehicle in a car show. I like attending shows, but the idea of competing in them never really appealed to me. This past weekend I entered the my Ford GT in the 22nd Annual Westlake Village Auto Show. As an automotive enthusiast heading toward my fourth decade it was probably past time.

Ford GT Attends Ford Car Show, Has Sirius and Idle Problems

In May, 2007, I finally took my Ford GT to the popular “Cars and Coffee” PAG car show in South Orange County. At that time this show was 100 miles from my house, and you had to be there by 6 a.m. to get a parking spot, so it required getting up at 4 a.m. Ironically, now I live 5 miles from this show…but it stopped happening about a year after I moved to Orange County (boo!). That month I also wrestled with weak Sirius satellite radio reception (this was pre-SiriusXM merger) and a low idle speed with occasional engine stalling. The odometer turned over 8,800 miles.

2005 Ford GT PAG Car Show

The Ford GT was the celebrated model at a recent car show

Ford GT Attends Car Show for Fords

May 14, 2007 at 8,560 miles

One of the best Southern California car shows happens every Saturday morning in the parking lot of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group headquarters in Irvine. While the weekly show — dubbed “Cars and Coffee” — takes place at a Ford property a wide variety of vehicles show up and the weekly “theme” for the show can range from Ferrari to Chevrolet. But this past Saturday the theme was indeed “Powered by Ford” and as expected a goodly number of Blue Oval iron showed up. Included in the festivities was a collection of 20 Ford GTs, one of which being my Midnight Blue model. All eight Ford GT colors were represented, though ours was the only blue one on site (there were several red, a couple black and Tungsten, and one each in white, yellow, silver and the Heritage colors).

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