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Ford GT Visits Career Day, and Carroll Shelby’s Race Family

Ford GT Career Day

The Ford GT was a hit at my daughter’s Career Day.

In March of 2014 my daughter’s junior high school had a career day. I signed up to be a speaker because I wanted to let the kids know what it’s like to be an automotive journalist. I figured the Ford GT would offer some great perspective on why I’m a car fanatic.

Ford GT Invades Ferrari Car Show

Ferrari 458 Ferrari Car Show

A trio of Ferrari 458s highlight the Italian supercars at a Ferrari Car Show

Southern California is a hotbed of car activity. Almost every weekend there’s a car show in almost every Los Angeles neighborhood. Back in February of 2014 a Ferrari car show was taking place at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum in West Los Angeles. I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how the Ferrarista would feel about a Ford GT invading their domain…

Ford GT Ferrari Car Show

My Ford GT proudly showed its colors…and license plate

After some consideration I figured the worst that might happen is I’d have to park a few blocks away from the Ferrari car show and walk over to see the Italian iron. I drove up to the Petersen Museum early on a Sunday morning and was happy to discover I’d only have to park about 20 yards from the Ferraris. The “non-Ferrari” section of the car show was on the same level of the parking structure as the rest of the cars, with only a single aisle separating them.

Ford GT versus McLaren 12C

April 2013: Ford GT Goes High-Speed Racing

While a Ford GT doesn’t work well for traditional quarter-mile drag racing, it’s a perfect candidate for Shift Sector Airstrip Attack events, like the one at Coalinga Airport in April of 2013. I drove my Ford GT up to this airstrip, about 100 miles northwest of Bakersfield, to try my luck at high-speed, straight-line racing.

2005 Ford GT MacLaren 12C Shift Sector

Two Ford GTs flank a McLaren 12C at Shift Sector

At these Shift Sector events you can race from either a dead stop, like traditional drag racers, or you and your opponent can roll casually up to 50 mph and then punch it up to between 150 and 200 mph. This type of racing offers several advantage for high-horsepower supercars. First, it removes the traction issue that many supercars struggle with when trying to apply full power from a standstill. Second, it really tests a car’s horsepower and/or aerodynamics rather than just it’s ability to put power down from zero-to-60.

Ford GT Memorial Proves You Need to Drive Them

2006 Ford GT Memorial

Two Ford GTs bracket a Porsche 911 Turbo S during a memorial

April 2013: Ford GTs Headline a Memorial

What do you do if you have a mint condition, sub-300-mile 2006 Ford GT and you don’t want to drive it? If you’re a Brentwood resident with sufficient space and funds you get a second 2006 Ford GT so you can have a driver to enjoy while leaving your first, low-mileage GT safely in the garage.

Ford GT Gets Dyno’d and Creates 618 Horsepower

March 2013: Ford GT and a Dyno Pull

My Ford GT’s engine was modified in August of 2007. The Supercharger pulley was replaced with a smaller unit, and the engine’s ECU was re-flashed to take advantage of the smaller pulley. Then in April of 2008 I swapped the factory exhaust system for a Ford Racing/Borla system that mostly adds a deeper tone to the exhaust note while dropping about 30 pounds compared to the stock exhaust.

Ford GT Goes Drag Racing in Irwindale

2005 Ford GT Dragstrip

The Ford GT prepares to tackle the drag strip

February 2013: Ford GT Visits a Drag Strip

The Ford GT is anything but a dragster. The car is designed for high-speed cruising or high-speed track duty (the latter preferably when wearing slicks). But that didn’t stop me from visiting Irwindale Drag Strip in February of 2013. My first automotive passion manifested as a love of American muscle cars, and I spent much of my teen driving years going to Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado in one of many 440-powered Mopars.

Ford GT and an Aston Martin DB9


When you meet friends for lunch, sometimes they bring their own exotic car

December 2012: Meeting an Aston Martin DB9 for Lunch

Between my own access and my friends’ access to press vehicles it’s not uncommon for me run into some pretty exotic machinery during otherwise casual gatherings. Back in December of 2012 I met an automotive journalist friend of mine for lunch at the Camarillo airport. I was driving my Ford GT and he was driving a brand new Aston Martin DB9.

New Ford GT Welcome Guide: My Purchase Approaches…

2017 Ford GT US Welcome Guide

The new Ford GT Welcome Guide opens with a dramatic image

After getting allocated a new Ford GT in July of 2016, I (along with 749 other folks) began anxiously awaiting news from the Ford GT Concierge Service. As the initial GT allocation letter indicated, the Ford GT Concierge Service will provide “…a unique client experience from the initial ordering process, through delivery and ownership.” Let’s take a close look through every page of the new Ford GT Welcome Guide that showed up in October of 2016, a couple after I was confirmed an allocation.

Camilo Pardo Ford GT Signature Series: Blue Moon

2005 Ford GT Camilo Pardo Signature Series

A Camilo Pardo Signature Series car called Blue Moon

When I discovered my second (of many) failed gauges in March 2012 I wasn’t very happy, but there was an upside to the experience. While I was at my friend’s house in Brentwood getting my car serviced another Ford GT showed up. This one was a Camilo Pardo Signature Series Ford GT called “Blue Moon.”

Ford GT Full Service and a New Oil Pressure Gauge

2005 Ford GT Long Term GT Guy Full Service

A full service for my Ford GT was performed by The GT Guys

March 2012: GT Guy Full Service, Including New Oil Pressure Gauge

By March of 2012 I was tired of looking at a dead oil pressure gauge. In previous years I’d partnered with multiple West Coast Ford GT owners to fly the Ford GT Guys out from Michigan. We’d all split the airfare and hotel bills to put the GT guys up while having them service our cars. The dead oil pressure gauge was annoying, but my Ford GT also hadn’t been given a general service in over 2 years, so there was plenty of reason to bring them out.

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