Ford GT Midnight Blue Color

The Ford GT’s Midnight Blue color needs the right circumstances to truly shine

When I was ordering my Ford GT in the Spring of 2005 I agonized over the color. There were eight to choose from, but only Mark IV Red, Centennial White or Midnight Blue really interested me. I loved the GT in red, and still do, but as the “anti-Ferrari” I just couldn’t bring myself to order that color. This left white or blue, both of which are stunning on the Ford GT, though for different reasons.

With flawless body lines there’s every reason to ensue each line on a Ford GT is visible, which makes white a great color. I was prepared to go with white but when I asked my Ford contacts which color to get they repeatedly told me “Blue-Blue-Blue.” When I finally saw the color in person I agreed with them and ordered mine in Midnight Blue.

However, what I quickly learned is that unless your Midnight Blue Ford GT is freshly washed (and ideally waxed) before being seen under bright sunlight you won’t experience the full depth of this color. There’s a beautiful blue tone within the depths of Midnight Blue, but you won’t see it at midnight, or even at noon if it’s a cloudy day. And any amount of dirt or dust on the body will also dampen the color. So will excessive scratches in the clear coat, but that’s another story I’ll cover in a future post. For now, just take a look at the color above, where my freshly washed and waxed Ford GT sites under a bight sun.

That’s Midnight Blue in all it’s glory.