Ferrari 458 Ferrari Car Show

A trio of Ferrari 458s highlight the Italian supercars at a Ferrari Car Show

Southern California is a hotbed of car activity. Almost every weekend there’s a car show in almost every Los Angeles neighborhood. Back in February of 2014 a Ferrari car show was taking place at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum in West Los Angeles. I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how the Ferrarista would feel about a Ford GT invading their domain…

Ford GT Ferrari Car Show

My Ford GT proudly showed its colors…and license plate

After some consideration I figured the worst that might happen is I’d have to park a few blocks away from the Ferrari car show and walk over to see the Italian iron. I drove up to the Petersen Museum early on a Sunday morning and was happy to discover I’d only have to park about 20 yards from the Ferraris. The “non-Ferrari” section of the car show was on the same level of the parking structure as the rest of the cars, with only a single aisle separating them.

Ferrari Car Show

A variety of Ferraris from every vintage made an appearance

Of course with my Ford GT’s license plate, I still felt a tad uncomfortable sitting so close to the Ferraris, but nobody said anything other than, “Nice Ford GT” during the show.

Ferrari Testarossa

As a child of the ’80s I enjoyed seeing a Ferrari Testarossa in attendance

I do appreciate Ferraris. I’m a bigger fan of the vintage models than most of the modern cars. It was great to see such a wide variety of bright red sports cars at this Ferrari car show. Sometimes all you see are the pre-1974 cars and sometimes the shows are dominated by post-2000 models. This one had a rich variety, including some of my favorites from the ’80s.