2006 Ford GT Memorial

Two Ford GTs bracket a Porsche 911 Turbo S during a memorial

April 2013: Ford GTs Headline a Memorial

What do you do if you have a mint condition, sub-300-mile 2006 Ford GT and you don’t want to drive it? If you’re a Brentwood resident with sufficient space and funds you get a second 2006 Ford GT so you can have a driver to enjoy while leaving your first, low-mileage GT safely in the garage.

2006 Ford GT Red Memorial

A gathering of Ford GTs and friends during a memorial

However, if the next GT also has less than 500 miles on it you might find yourself unable to enjoy the second GT for the same reasons you couldn’t enjoy the first one. This is what happened to an associate of mine, who found himself with not one, but TWO 2006 Ford GTs, both red, loaded with options and showing less than 500 miles on their odometers. And neither driven over a course of 3 years (though both were started on a regular basis and serviced by the Ford GT Guys).

Then, tragically, said individual was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on February 7, 2013, and passed away 7 weeks later on March 31st, 2013.

2005 Ford GT 25000 Miles

My Ford GT crosses 25,000 miles

I had over 25,000 miles on my Ford GT when I attended this individual’s memorial. I’m approaching 30,000 miles on my Ford GT now. I’ve long known the pitfalls of not embracing life, but apparently God wanted to provide me with yet another reminder.

Message received. Ford GT enjoyment ongoing.

That rainy day may never come, so please drive ’em…