March 2013: Ford GT and a Dyno Pull

My Ford GT’s engine was modified in August of 2007. The Supercharger pulley was replaced with a smaller unit, and the engine’s ECU was re-flashed to take advantage of the smaller pulley. Then in April of 2008 I swapped the factory exhaust system for a Ford Racing/Borla system that mostly adds a deeper tone to the exhaust note while dropping about 30 pounds compared to the stock exhaust.

I was curious what these changes did to my Ford GT’s horsepower, though I’d heard from others with the same modifications that their engines pulled around 620 horsepower on a dyno. I finally got my GT on a dyno in March of 2013, where it pulled 618 horsepower.┬áRemember that number is at the rear wheels, which means the engine horsepower is around 700.

And that’s why it’s hard to get traction at the drag strip.