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Ford GT Long-Term Test Wrap Up

In September of 2008 the Ford GT’s official long-term coverage ended with the odometer at just over 16,000 miles. This was 3 years after picking the car up with 7 miles on the odometer on August 23, 2005. A review of the car’s ownership experience, including dealer service, repair costs and lifetime fuel efficiency, confirmed the Ford GT as a powerful and reliable supercar with excellent resale value. (Note: I’ll continue adding posts about my 2005 Ford GT, along with increasingly regular posts about the new Ford GT I’ve been allocated, but this entry does a good job of wrapping up the first 3 years of my 2005 Ford GT ownership.)

2005 Ford GT Long Term Wrap Up Rear

The Ford GT proved extremely reliable over 3 years and 16,000 miles

September 2008: 2005 Ford GT Long-Term Wrap Up

At the 2002 North American International Auto Show, Ford Motor Company unveiled one of the most exciting concept cars in the automaker’s 99-year history. In both name and appearance, the Ford GT40 concept lived up to Ford’s hallowed racing legend of the 1960s, yet it seemed an unlikely candidate for production status from an automaker struggling to rebuild its aging product lineup. Eighteen months later, in June of 2003, three production-ready Ford GTs were shown off at the company’s centennial celebration in Dearborn, Michigan. Then, in August of 2005, I purchased a Ford GT and began chronicling my ownership experience.

Ford GT Windshield Replacement

August of 2008 marked 3 years of Ford GT ownership, and the final month of its official coverage in my extended ownership report. I had the windshield replaced to finally deal with the large rock chip it received over a year earlier. After 3 years and 16,000 miles the car had performed nearly flawlessly while providing the most rewarding vehicle ownership experience of my life (and I’ve owned over 20 vehicles).

2005 Ford GT Long Dealership Windshield Replacement

The Ford GT was dropped off at the dealer for a windshield replacement

August 2008: Ford GT Windshield Replaced

August 1, 2008 at 15,978 miles

Since that first, nasty windshield “star” happened to the long-term 2005 Ford GT in December of 2006 it’s picked up a few other love marks in the front glass. That’s the bad news.

The good news is Santa Monica Ford has a company that can replace the windshield without removing the entire front clip. I know of another Ford GT owner who had this performed at the same dealership and the process was performed with no complaints or issues.

So this week my Ford GT was dropped off at Santa Monica Ford at about 7:45 a.m. to have the windshield replaced and the slight buzz in the driver’s door panel (coming from the loose aluminum door panel trim ring) addressed.

The windshield was already paid for last year, but I’d held off on the replacement because I knew a Denver run was coming and it seemed foolish to put in new front glass before such a trip. Fortunately for me, Santa Monica Ford was willing to let me “store” the windshield in their parts department for 15 months (thanks guys!).

I was called by the service manager a little after 3 on the same day and told the car was done (both the windshield and the door panel adjustment). The door panel adjustment was free and related to an earlier TSB for the trim ring fasteners that Santa Monica Ford performed last year. And the cost of replacing the windshield? A cool $140 (on top of the $700 I paid for the windshield last year). Sure beats the original figure of $1,500 in labor I was given when it involved removing the front clip.

I must confess that a close inspection of the area around the windshield revealed some scratches in the clearcoat that weren’t there before, so the company Santa Monica Ford used probably could have (and should have) been a little more mindful of covering the surrounding areas with cloth. But the actual windshield installation looks solid, and the price was certainly right. We’ll see how it holds up after the next car wash.

It should be noted this month marks three years since I purchased my Ford GT, so the warranty is about to end. At 15,978 miles I’ve certainly put it through a solid ownership regimen of daily commuting, performance testing, track duty, aftermarket mods and even a 2,400-mile road trip.

I’ll post a 3-year ownership assessment soon, and if any Ford GT owners out there have useful information to add based on their own experience please post it here.

2005 Ford GT Paint Flaws, Pacific Coast Highway and the Ford GT Forum

2005 Ford GT Long Term Rear

My 2005 Ford GT shortly after purchase

After 6 months of 2005 Ford GT ownership I’d found a few items to gripe about. The most disappointing flaw was in the paint, where small bubbles were visible near the edge of a couple body panels. At first I planned to have these repaired under warranty (as noted below) but eventually I left them alone. Digging into the car’s factory paint job was more troubling than leaving them alone. And I can confirm that, 13 years later, nobody has ever noticed them and I have essentially forgotten about them.

2005 Ford GT Ownership Introduction

2005 Ford GT Long Term Introduction

2005 Ford GT Long-Term Introduction

About a month after getting my GT I produced the first in a 3-year series of ownership articles and blog posts about the experience. These posts covered the primary aspects of driving the GT on a regular basis, including the reaction it generated from other drivers, dealership experiences and, eventually, a series of performance upgrades and race track testing. Here’s the first of many Ford GT ownership experiences, originally posted in September of 2005:

2005 Ford GT Ownership Introduction

September 30, 2005

VEHICLE TESTED: 2005 Ford GT 2dr Coupe (5.4L 8cyl S/C 6M)
Base MSRP of Test Vehicle: $139995
Options on Test Vehicle: Painted Racing Stripes ($5,350); Lightweight Forged Aluminum Wheels ($3,500); Red Painted Brake Calipers ($750); Gas-Guzzler Tax ($2,100); Destination Charge ($1,250).
MSRP of Test Vehicle: $152945

OK, so no one is sitting around thinking, “Hmmm, I’d like to buy a 2005 Ford GT, if only I could read something about the ownership experience first.” Either you’re already a fanatic of this 550-horsepower, midengine exotic car, or you don’t even know it exists. And if you’re a fanatic then you either already own one or you already plan to buy one – or you really want to buy one and simply don’t have the means.

I Get to Buy a New Ford GT!

Ford GT Allocation Letter

New Ford GT Allocation Letter

It seems fitting to launch this site with a post about receiving an allocation for a new Ford GT. Ford has committed to building approximately 1350 of these unique vehicles over a 4-year production run, with only around 800 available in the U.S. Getting approved was not easy, but at the time I applied I had an 11-year/27,000-mile history of being an original 2005 Ford GT owner helping my case for a new Ford GT allocation.

This site will describe my ownership history with my 2005 Ford GT, which really began in January 2002. It will also chronicle my experience of ordering, receiving, owning (…and paying for…) a new Ford GT. I have over a thousand photos and over 100 ownership blog posts from the last 11 years, plus quite a few videos documenting everything I’ve seen and done since Ford unveiled its yellow GT40 concept car at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show. I’ll be posting all of them here over the next few months while also reporting on my impending purchase of a new Ford GT.

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