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I Get to Buy a New Ford GT!

Ford GT Allocation Letter

New Ford GT Allocation Letter

It seems fitting to launch this site with a post about receiving an allocation for a new Ford GT. Ford has committed to building approximately 1350 of these unique vehicles over a 4-year production run, with only around 800 available in the U.S. Getting approved was not easy, but at the time I applied I had an 11-year/27,000-mile history of being an original 2005 Ford GT owner helping my case for a new Ford GT allocation.

This site will describe my ownership history with my 2005 Ford GT, which really began in January 2002. It will also chronicle my experience of ordering, receiving, owning (…and paying for…) a new Ford GT. I have over a thousand photos and over 100 ownership blog posts from the last 11 years, plus quite a few videos documenting everything I’ve seen and done since Ford unveiled its yellow GT40 concept car at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show. I’ll be posting all of them here over the next few months while also reporting on my impending purchase of a new Ford GT.

Ford GT Show Cars

New Ford GT Concept Cars and IMSA Racer

It’s already been an incredible journey, but while my 2005 Ford GT is obviously the foundation of my experiences over the past 14 years, the truth is it’s not the dominant component. The real “moments in time” I’ve experienced come from the places I’ve gone, the events I’ve attended and the people I’ve met. And knowing these experiences will transition to the all-new new Ford GT ownership experience has me excited beyond words — though I’ll try to capture it in future posts.

Ford GT40 Concept Yellow

Ford GT40 concept from 2002 Detroit Auto Show (image courtesy Ford Motor Company)

However, as I await the the arrival of the new Ford GT it’s fitting to go back to Janaury of 2002, where my Ford GT journey began…

Ford GT

My 2005 Ford GT at Willow Springs Raceway


Awesome Ford GT40 Concept Debuts…Now What?




  2. Steve Ruhl

    Great site! Just stumbled on it! Really enjoy your articles. I’ve owned a 71 Plymouth GTX 440 Super Commando, two modified Ford 89, 93 Tbird SC’s during Chrysler’s dark age, 2013 Challenger R/T, modified 2011 Mopar 11 Charger and 2005 Viper SRT10. Always wanted a Ford GT. You have a beautiful one!

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