Ford GT Owners Rally 10 Signature 7

Signature 7 is the third in a line of Camilo Pardo-commissioned Ford GTs

I’ve already shown you one Camilo Pardo Signature Series Ford GT, Blue Moon, but at the time I promised more, so here I present Signature 7, the third in the line of Camilo Pardo-designed appearance and performance upgrades. This one was a collaboration between Camilo Pardo and The GT Guy, both of them working with owner Sam Bayer.

Ford GT Signature 7 Camilo Pardo

The orange, silver and black contrasting colors make Signature 7 pop

Signature 7 showed up at Ford GT Rally 9 in Detroit last year, wearing a color combination of orange and silver that looked like it was meant for the Ford GT. Not surprising given Camilo Pardo was the chief designer of the Ford GT and knows how to get creative with contrasting color and the car’s lines.

I don’t really have the money or space for a Camilo Pardo Ford GT Signature Series car, but I like seeing him extend his original Ford GT vision while giving GT fans a way to express their passion with a unique design.