2017 Ford GT Yellow CES Front

A new Ford GT debuted a new color, Triple Yellow, at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas

When the new Ford GT was edging closer to production every Ford GT fan was waiting to see what color the car will show up in next. By January of 2016 we’d seen a GT in Liquid Blue (during its global debut in Detroit), Ingot Silver (at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show) and Matte Black (at the 9th annual Ford GT national owners rally). For the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Ford showed up with a Triple Yellow new Ford GT wearing black stripes and black wheels.

2017 Ford GT Yellow CES Rear

Not every car can pull off yellow, but great design makes anything possible

I’m not really a fan of yellow cars, but great design will let a car get away with just about any color, and the new Ford GT is no exception. I still don’t want to own a yellow Ford GT, but I’m happy to gawk at one on a show stand, as were plenty of other CES attendees in Las Vegas.