2017 Ford GT White Detroit Auto Show Front

The new Ford GT appears in Frozen White at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Every time a new Ford GT debuts in a new color it causes a stir, and at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show the new Ford GT showed up wearing Frozen White for the first time. Generally speaking, white isn’t one of my preferred colors, but on certain cars it looks great. I always loved the white Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved me, and I love 1970-1973 Pontiac Firebirds in white. Of course as I noted before, superb vehicle design can make almost any color work, and the new Ford GT looks stunning in white.

2017 Ford GT White Detroit Auto Show Rear

The stark “back-and-white” contrast adds to the GT’s dramatic lines

Because my 2005 Ford GT is Midnight Blue with white stripes, a new Ford GT in Frozen White with blue stripes has been on my mind for months. Parking the two next to each other, whether in the garage or at car shows, would offer a powerful contrast of classic American racing colors.