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My Ford GT joined other cool Fords at the local Cars and Coffee

A consistently rich and diverse collection of cars showed up to my local Cars and Coffee every week when it was in Aliso Viejo. If I have one disappointment regarding Cars and Coffee it’s that I don’t go very often (I’m not a morning person by nature). But I took the Ford GT over a few times before it ended and shifted to San Clemente, and it’s always drawn a solid crowd of admirers.

On this particular day in December of 2016 the temperature was cool (by California standards) and the air was foggy. A beautiful Cobra reproduction was at that morning’s Cars and Coffee when I arrived, so I parked the Ford GT next to the Cobra (even though I usually park on the end where I can open the driver’s door wide). The Cobra’s owner asked me a lot of questions about the Ford GT, especially how it’s holding up after 10+ years. I was happy to report on the car’s reliability and near-trouble-free nature — repeated gauge failure notwithstanding…