New Ford GT Detroit Auto Show Liquid Red Front

The New Ford GT debuted in Liquid Red at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show the new Ford GT debuted in Liquid Blue (still one of my favorite colors for the car). A year later the new Ford GT showed up for the first time in Frozen White in Detroit, and looked stunning yet again. For its third appearance at the Detroit Auto Show the new Ford GT debuted in Liquid Red.

New Ford GT Detroit Show Liquid Red

The new Ford GT glows in Liquid Red under the Detroit Show lights.

As with Liquid Blue and Frozen White, the Ford GT simply glows in Liquid Red. The Detroit Auto Show car was accented with Ingot Silver stripes, and the combination radiated under the show lights. This was also the first time I sat in the new Ford GT. I arrived on the show floor a day before the show opened for press access to participate in a television interview. NBC requested a meeting at the Ford booth to tape the interview, and I quickly spotted the Liquid Red Ford GT.

New Ford GT Detroit Show Liquid Red Rear

The Ford GT’s exotic lines sparkle under Liquid Red with Ingot Silver stripes

What surprised me even more than the car’s stunning color combination was the site of people taking turns sitting in the low-slung exotic supercar. This would never happen on a normal auto show press day or consumer day, but during set up, before the press days, things tend to be pretty relaxed. When my interview was over I quickly placed myself next to the GT and waited my turn to sit in it.

New Ford GT Liquid Red Interior Detroit Show

The Ford GT’s interior features alcantara leather and exposed carbon fiber

Sitting in a new Ford GT 6 months after being told I had made the list to buy one was exciting to say the least. I was thrilled to confirm I not only fit in the car but found it quite comfortable. The adjustable steering wheel and pedals allowed me to find an effective driving position, even with the car’s fixed seat. The cabin’s exposed carbon fiber and high-grade leather were also impressive.

New Ford GT Detroit Show Liquid Red Karl Brauer

My first experience inside the new Ford GT didn’t disappoint

My excitement regarding the new Ford GT kicked up a notch.