2005 Ford GT Overhead Monterey Trip

My Ford GT looks even better from overhead, but I don’t usually get to see it that way

The Ford GT’s excellent design makes it look good from pretty much any angle. But my favorite angle is the overhead look you can only get from an elevated position. That’s not an easy position to get to unless you have a ladder, but I drove my Ford GT to Monterey Car Week this year, and on the drive up we stayed at a hotel with a balcony. 

We arrived at the hotel in Santa Barbara just before 11 p.m., and nearly every parking spot was taken. But the one spot still available happened to be directly under our room. I was glad I could see my Ford GT from the room for security reasons. But when the sun came up the next morning and I saw how it looked from overhead I had to get a photograph.

One Ford GT trait you can clearly see from overhead is the asymmetrical location of the exterior mirrors. The GT’s wide A-pillars meant designers couldn’t mount the mirror on the passenger door at the same point as the driver’s door (or driver’s wouldn’t be able to see it). But even with the uneven mirror location I still love this angle.