When my Ford GT crossed 12,000 miles in March of 2008 I took a moment to “reflect” on how the car was performing and holding up. My assessment? Pretty damn well. The car had recently completed a Ford-GT specific “GT School” at Willow Springs with zero mechanical issues (while providing a helluva good time). Given the reputation exotic cars have for being high-maintenance money pits the GT was proving quite the wonderful exception to this rule.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Reflection

After 12,000 miles it was time to “reflect” on my Ford GT ownership experience

March 2008: Ford GT Reflections at 12,000 miles

By Karl Brauer, March 21, 2008 at 12,240 miles

My 2005 Ford GT has crossed 12,000 miles on the odometer. The last 1,000 miles rolled up slowly, as the weather in Southern California for most of January and February wasn’t GT-friendly (seemed like the worst weather showed up Friday afternoons and cleared out Sunday nights for awhile there…).

But I’ve just finished updating the car’s fuel log, and lifetime fuel mileage is holding steady at 16.51 mpg. I can’t complain about that, as the last two tankfuls were burned at Willow Springs Raceway as part of “The GT School” I attended. This was a track day/instructional event dedicated to the Ford GT, though a Porsche Carrera GT did show up (the guy’s Ford GT is modded and having overheating issues, but he’d paid his money, and, well, it is called “The GT School”).

Going fast around Willow Springs was certainly fun, but as I drove the car home I realized the most rewarding aspect of the school was driving to it (100 miles), going really fast around a racetrack, and driving home (another 100 miles). All with nothing more than a tire/wheel swap (we were using DOT Hoosier slicks that gave the car even more stick and more predictability at the limit). A car that does 200 miles in comfortable road travel while doing 120 mph through Willow’s turn 8 (130 mph is possible, but not when I consider the insurance situation) is pretty unique.

Better still, at 12,240 miles the GT is showing few signs of wear. The paint chips on the nose are undeniable (though still not glaringly obvious), and the windshield has picked up another small rock chip (glad I didn’t replace it after the last one). And except for the rear shock death last summer and some adjustments to the door shortly after purchase in August 2005, this car has been essentially trouble free.

Typical supercar mileage, capabilities and ownership experience? Technically I can’t say, as my previous supercar experience is pretty limited. But I’m guessing not.