Ford GT Generations Lookout Comparison Test

Bringing together three generations of Ford GT is a rare opportunity

In May of 2017 Kelley Blue Book performed a comparison of the three generations of Ford GT, meaning the original Ford GT40, the second-generation 2005-2006 Ford GT, and the new Ford GT. I arranged the comparison test using the black-and-orange West Coast Ford GT press car, plus my 2005 Midnight Blue Ford GT and a Gulf livery Superformance Ford GT40 from their local offices here in Irvine, California.

This wasn’t the most original idea — it’s been done a couple times by other publications — but just because something has been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done again, and better.

Ford GT Generations Drone Comparison Shoot

The sunset photography and drone footage created powerful imagery

We pulled out on the stops on this comparison, hiring a professional video crew and a professional photographer to ensure excellent visuals. I also wanted to do something for Autotrader and Forbes to maximize the opportunity of getting three generations of Ford GTs together. We also found an amazing location to shoot the comparison, including dramatic drone footage of all three cars.

Ford GT40 2005 Ford GT Comparison Shoot

The original GT40 and 2005 Ford GT are much closer in style compared to the new GT

If you haven’t already, you should check out all the stories I linked to above. The images in this blog post are what I took with my iPhone, but the professional video and photography is well worth any Ford GT fan’s time.

Ford GT Generations Comparison Shoot

A common DNA flows through all three generations of Ford GT

What I learned from this Ford GT comparison is that all three generations retain a common DNA regarding driving dynamics and power delivery. They each deliver varying degrees of brutal, undiluted acceleration, intuitive handling and stunning style. The commotion caused by three generations of Ford GT is what you’d imagine, and pretty fun to experience.

Ford GT40 Steering Wheel Comparison Shoot

The GT40’s interior feels as purposeful as it looks

On the last day of shooting I drove the new Ford GT back from our shoot along Ortega Highway in South Orange County. This component of the test is worthy of its own blog post, which I’ll publish later this week…