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2019 Ford GT: Fully Wrapped with Paint Protection Film

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Fully Wrapped

My 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series after being fully wrapped by Envious Detailing

I’ve discovered the beauty of Paint Protection Film, or PPF, over the past 2 years. As a means to protect paint on specialized cars, like my 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series, paint protection film can eliminate damage from small rocks or flying debris, and even greatly lessen damage from larger items that may impact your vehicle.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Paint Protection Film Door

Properly adding paint protection film to any car requires care and precision.

Paint protection film also helps avoid the inevitable dings and scratches that occur on every vehicle, even if it sits in a supposedly safe area and isn’t driven regularly. How many times has a belt buckle or a button on a pair of jeans rubbed against a parked car in a garage or at a show?

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Paint Protection Film Wheel Well

Paint protection film wraps around body panels to ensure complete coverage

I try to be very careful with my Ford GT Carbon Series, but I know it’s going to be subjected to everything from excited car fans at the local Cars & Coffee to my family members walking past it in our cramped 3-car garage. Knowing it has PPF helps me relax, a little, when I consider these circumstances. And while a Ford GT is an obvious candidate for this kind of protection, it makes sense for any specialized vehicle with potential long-term value or appreciation.

2019 Ford GT Paint Protection Film Underbody

Even the Ford GT’s underbody is worthy of paint protection film

A specialized shop called Envious Detailing performed the work on my Ford GT. It took several days to complete because every exterior surface of the GT was wrapped, including the underbody panels because they are carbon fiber and feature a beautiful, high-gloss finish.

2019 Ford GT Paint Protection Film Shop

Make sure you find the right shop to install PPF, and it requires care and precision

PPF work doesn’t come cheap. You can figure in the low thousands for a basic job and up to $20,000 for a highly elaborate paint protection film wrap on a car with complex exterior surfaces. But if you own a specialized car and you want to keep it’s high-quality paint looking new there’s really no other option, except parking it in a deserted, protected location and never driving it. Or even letting people near it.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Envious Detailing Shop

Beautiful cars deserve to be seen and driven and paint protection film help keep them looking new

Which is a pretty sad fate for beautiful machinery.


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  1. Hi Karl,

    Just commented on your Forbes article. Wondering what your thoughts are on using this PPF on an air dam or front splitter might be?

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