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Ford GT Production Numbers, Parts Bin Parts, Fuel Efficiency and Steering Feel

Only about 200 miles were added to my Ford GT in November of 2006. But some interesting GT statistics were reported this month. First, the final production numbers for the 2005 and 2006 models came out (the car’s production ended in October 2006). I also had enough miles on the GT to get a good sense of its fuel efficiency, which was better than anyone (including me) expected.

2005 Ford GT Production Numbers

The final 2005-2006 Ford GT production breakout by color and options

Ford GT Final Production Numbers, By Color and Option

November 2, 2006 at 6,104 miles

With Ford GT production officially ended there is now an accurate assessment of how the GT’s colors and options break down over its two-year run. You can see another version of this data at The Ford GT Forum and, if you’re a fan of these cars, this kind of production number information is fascinating (if you’re not, you likely put us GT freaks in the same category as people who wear Vulcan ears or have a “Mint on Card” version of every Star Wars figure — not that I belong to either of those groups, dammit!).

Ford GT Optional Wheels, Storage Space, Axle Bolts and Rear Bumper

In October 2006 the first serious issue for the 2005 and 2006 Ford GTs surfaced in the form of failed axle bolts. Owners experienced the problem in the form of lost power delivery to the rear wheels when the axle bolt heads sheared off and the axles fell out of place. This often happened as GT owners pulled away from a stop sign or a low-speed parking lot maneuver. After some back-and-form between Ford GT owners and Ford Motor Company an official recall was issued to install stronger replacement axle bolts, but that took several months. The odo crossed 6,000 miles this month.

2005 Ford GT Long Term BBS Wheel

The optional BBS wheels for the Ford GT offer a meaningful weight advantage

Ford GT’s Optional Wheels

October 2, 2006 at 5,789 miles

Like most GTs, ours has the optional BBS wheels. In my opinion the standard wheels actually look slightly better than the optional units, but I’ve always preferred fewer, thicker-spoke designs versus numerous, thin-spoke wheels. The factory wheels use a rather basic six-spoke design that matches well with the GT’s classic shape. The 10 spokes on the BBS wheels border on looking too “busy” for my tastes, plus they’re more difficult to clean…

Ford GT Toggle Switches, Mid-Lite Glass, Gauges and Shifter

After more than a year of ownership my 2005 Ford GT had over 5,700 miles on it. A few quirks had shown up, including gauges that occasionally stopped working and a mid-lite window that required special attention after washing the car. But the GT continued to be one of the best-driving sports cars I’d experienced, with a superb transmission, intuitive steering and the ability to effortlessly devour open road miles.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Switch

The Ford GT toggle switches are a throwback to GT40 race car

Ford GT Toggle Switches

September 6, 2006 at 5,082 miles

The Ford GT team used many of the original GT40’s styling cues on the new model, both inside and out. The dash has a long layout with the tachometer front and center. The seats have “holes” to allow better ventilation for when you’re on your 103rd blast down the Mulsanne Straight. And of course the doors extend well into the roof, making it easier to swing them wide and plop down into the seats during those “running” starts…

Ford GT National Owners Rally I

Ford GT Owners Rally Ford Headquarters

Ford GTs in Heritage livery at Ford World Headquarters

In August of 2006, almost a year to the day after I got my 2005 Ford GT, the inaugural Ford GT National Owner’s Rally was held in Dearborn, Michigan. This would be the first in an annual succession of GT Rallys that have gone on ever since, but it was the only Ford GT National Owners Rally held while the 2005/2006 Ford GTs were in still in production (2 months later, in October of 2006, Ford GT production would end).

Ford GT Owners Rally SSV Tour

Ford GT owners witness the Ford GT assembly process at Wixom

All Rally I attendees were given a complete tour of both Saleen Special Vehicles (SSV) and the Ford Wixom plant. Of course this was the second time I’d been through the process, but I didn’t hesitate to join in and enjoyed one last look at the magic of making these incredible cars. Here is the coverage of the first-ever Ford GT National Owner’s Rally:

Ford GT Seat Comfort, Door Pulls, Detailing Chores and an Owners Rally

One year into my Ford GT ownership and I had almost gotten used to the door design and how to avoid doing the “GT Limbo” as many owners call it. Some complaints about seat comfort had come up, the need to carefully clean each engine vent made for demanding detailing, and a Southern California GT Rally proved fun, even though I went in my 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE. The odometer almost hit 5,000 miles in August of 2006.

2005 Ford GT Seat

2005 Ford GT seat uses a retro design

Ford GT Seat Can Cause Discomfort

August 2, 2006 at 4,820 miles

The question of the Ford GT’s seat comfort has been raised by more than one occupant. Most feel it is fine for at least a few hours of driving, if not more, but some have experienced lower back pain caused by the stiff seam between the seatback panels. To me, the claim initially seemed dubious, but once it was pointed out I quickly discovered that, well…yes, that seam can feel a bit intrusive — especially once you’re “looking” for it…

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