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Ford GT at Sunset, with a Capless Fuel System, and above 150 mph

The wintery weather that was holding up my enjoyment of the Ford GT in December and January finally cleared, a bit, in February of 2008. It set up a great sunset shot along PCH north of Malibu (8 years later this shot remains the background image on my iPhone). IĀ also discussed the convenience of the capless fuel system, the lack of front tire wear, and the tire pressure warning sticker — for driving over 150 mph.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Sunset

A lovely sunset shot on PCH emphasized the Ford GT’s stunning shape

Ford GT at Sunset

February 11, 2008 at 11,710 miles

It was starting to feel like we should gather the animals two-by-two in “sunny” Southern California. But with January now a dreary memory it seems the weather that draws and/or keeps most of us here finally returned last week. While my Ford GT is fully capable of being driven in bad weather, it’s not wise given the car’s traction-challenged nature — even on the driest of days. The mods to the engine that now give it a zero-to-60 time of 3.5 seconds also mean you want warm pavement, warm tires and a prudent right foot…

Ford GT Wheel Protection, Burger Run, Oil Pressure Gauge and Car Show

February was another slow month for my Ford GT’s odometer, with only 140 miles added. But I did manage to get it to a car show and a burger joint (gotta love In-N-Out) and I realized the Goodyear Eagle F1 tires’ have a rim protector design. I also note the oil pressure gauge’s high readings, even at idle, which suggests the Ford GT’s dry-sump engine design does indeed provide excellent lubrication to vital engine components. 2005 Ford GT Long Term Wheel Protector

The design of the Goodyear Eagle F1 tire helps protect the GT’s wheelFord GT Tires Offer Wheel Protection

February 5, 2007 at 7,440 miles

This seems like such a no-brainer design, yet many modern tires still don’t include any form of rim or wheel protection. A tire with this design feature will have a raised rib next to the bead to keep a wheel from scraping the curb — even if a driver is too careless to handle this job on his own. After checking The Tire Rack web site I learned that while rim protection ribs are great for alloy wheels, they can make it nearly impossible to mount hubcaps. And since the majority of cars today still use hubcaps the majority of tires still don’t feature this seemingly obvious feature…

Ford GT Floor Mats, Speedometer, Paint and Kick Panels

I still remember the Southern California “winter” of 2006-2007 as one of unusually “cold” temps and foggy/rainy days (sorry, as a Denver native I have to put quotes around “winter” and “cold” when I’m talking about Southern California). Of course, that’s the kind of weather us SoCal residents pray for these days — it’s been really hot here the last few years. Anyway, the Ford GT only added about 300 miles this month because I wasn’t driving it on those cold days. However, I did add some commentary (that proved incorrect…) about the car not having any floor mats included in the $150,000 price. I also talked about the Ford GT’s proper speedometer, a tire design that protects wheels, and the (sadly) appropriately named “kick” panels in the GT’s cabin.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Floor Mat

The Ford GT’s floor mats don’t really look like floor mats

Ford GT Doesn’t Come with Floor Mats…Or Does it?

January 2, 2007 at 7,190 miles

I’ve arleady whined about the lack of “special-ness” to the Ford GT’s key fob, but here’s another item you might expect to be included with your $150,000 purchase price — floor mats. The GT doesn’t come with any from the factory, and aftermarket units remain few and far between (though a couple companies are starting to offer them). On the one hand it’s not too big of a deal, because the car’s floor boards are a combination of metal, plastic and rubber that seems pretty durable. But, with the “cooling holes” design (also used for the seats) you get to clean out each hole separately when they’ve filled up with mud and other crud…

Ford GT Luxury Climate Controls, Flat Tire Woes and a Windshield Crack

My Ford GT suffered its first real damage in December of 2006. Twice. The initial damage was caused by road debris that punctured a tire and also took a small nick out of the bodywork. The second instance happened just 2 days later, in the form of a nasty rock chip in the windshield. But that’s what happens when you drive your car versus sticking it under glass. Speaking of driving, the odometer crossed 7,000 miles this month.

2005-Ford-GT-Long-Term A-Pillar-Gouging

The A-pillar metal and passenger door weatherstripping (pictured) showed signs of gouging

Ford GT Door Gouges

December 4, 2006 at 6,286miles

Something weird is going on with the GT’s passenger-side A-pillar. There’s an unmistakable “gouging” in the Midnight Blue paint where the A-pillar’s weatherstriping meets the painted section of the passenger door. It’s almost as if gravel got in between the weatherstriping and door frame, and then chewed into the door each time it was shut. There’s even a white, chalky dust on the weatherstriping (shown in picture), but no actual “chunks” of anything large enough to cause the gouging are present (maybe whatever it was has all been ground into dust by now…). The upside is that this is an area you normally don’t see (certainly not when the door is closed), so the damage is more a curiosity than anything else…

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