In October 2006 the first serious issue for the 2005 and 2006 Ford GTs surfaced in the form of failed axle bolts. Owners experienced the problem in the form of lost power delivery to the rear wheels when the axle bolt heads sheared off and the axles fell out of place. This often happened as GT owners pulled away from a stop sign or a low-speed parking lot maneuver. After some back-and-form between Ford GT owners and Ford Motor Company an official recall was issued to install stronger replacement axle bolts, but that took several months. The odo crossed 6,000 miles this month.

2005 Ford GT Long Term BBS Wheel

The optional BBS wheels for the Ford GT offer a meaningful weight advantage

Ford GT’s Optional Wheels

October 2, 2006 at 5,789 miles

Like most GTs, ours has the optional BBS wheels. In my opinion the standard wheels actually look slightly better than the optional units, but I’ve always preferred fewer, thicker-spoke designs versus numerous, thin-spoke wheels. The factory wheels use a rather basic six-spoke design that matches well with the GT’s classic shape. The 10 spokes on the BBS wheels border on looking too “busy” for my tastes, plus they’re more difficult to clean…