Ford GT Captain America

Does any car better fit Captain America’s mojo better than a Ford GT?

As a Halloween “treat” I’m willing to post an image I normally wouldn’t share widely. But this shot turned out really well, mostly because the Ford GT diverts attention from me, so here you go.

When I dressed as Captain America for Halloween a couple years ago I had no plan to drive the Ford GT. In fact, I was going to drive the used 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S I owned at the time. Then it occurred to me: “Captain American in a Porsche 911, while a Ford GT sits in the garage?!” I quickly broke out GT and captured this shot before hopping in the American supercar.

My drive to work is only 5 miles, but you can imagine the reaction I was getting. The Ford GT draws people’s attention under any circumstance, yet anyone looking closely saw “The First Avenger” behind the wheel, causing many double- and triple-takes. It was pretty funny.

Thinking back on that day it occurs to me the Ford GT would make the perfect Captain America car. It’s got classic, timeless styling that will always look good, even after 75 years of frozen sleep. It’s got a big V8 engine and manual transmission, two trademark features of American cars. And it’s got no traction or stability control, meaning you have to be a genuine driver without depending on technological tricks to save your ass in a battle (cough-Iron-Man-cough!).

I’m a huge Captain America fan, and a huge Ford GT fan. But it only recently occurred to me how many traits they share. Captain America tends to favor two-wheeled travel in the movies, which is fine with me.┬áBut if the screenwriters are ever looking for a trademark four-wheel vehicle I know which one would be perfect – and no, it’s not the Batmobile!