2017 Ford GT Production

New Ford GT production began on December 16, 2016

In mid-December 2016 production of the new 2017 Ford GT started at Multimatic in Markham, Ontario. Multimatic is a specialized manufacturer supplying many advanced components across the auto industry. In the case of the Ford GT, Multimatic isn’t just supplying suspension or drivetrain or active aerodynamic parts, they are using their experience in advanced vehicle components to construct the entire car.

2017 Ford GT Production Raj Nair

Raj Nair, Ford executive VP, product development, celebrates Ford GT Job 1

Of course the new Ford GT features a very advanced pushrod suspension, active aerodynamics and a fully carbon fiber structure, all areas Multimatic has experience in designing and building. The company is aiming to produce one Ford GT a day, but the production process just began and it’s currently running about 1 car every two weeks.

2017 Ford GT Production Liquid Red

Another early production 2017 Ford GT in Liquid Red

The first two 2017 Ford GTs went to Bill Ford Jr. and Ford CEO Mark Fields, and many of the first 50 will go to other Ford employees, plus some high-volume Ford dealers and four members of the Ford GT Forum. But regardless of the specific individuals benefitting from early allocation, the bottom line is that new Ford GTs are in production, and that means we’ll be seeing final production versions on the road soon.