New Ford GT Red White Blue Rear

Ford GT’s have been rolling off the assembly line since December 2016

I’ve done my best to not bug my Ford GT Concierge. In the 2 years since I was approved to buy a new Ford GT I’ve called the concierge exactly 4 times, with three of them happening in the past 4 months as part of my ordering process. While I know many Ford GT buyers have been calling their concierge on a regular basis, even if their order window was months or years away, I’ve avoided that.

New Ford GT Red White Blue

It looks like my Ford GT is about to begin production

I can’t even claim amazing self control because, honestly, I haven’t had an urge to contact my Ford GT Concierge. From my perspective, if there’s important information to convey they’ll call me, right? While that’s been my approach for the past 2 years I did breakdown and call my concierge last week. With my vehicle order locked in late August it seemed likely they’d have my VIN, and maybe even a scheduled build date by now.

My call proved fruitful, with the Ford GT Concierge confirming a VIN and an estimated build window starting in late November. In theory that could translate to taking delivery before the end of the year, though I’m not counting on that given the general slowdown of everything during the second half of December. This also suggests a Multimatic visit (to see my car getting built) around early/mid December. That will be a cold time of year to travel north of the border, but I’ll be there nonetheless.