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I Just Sold My 2005 Ford GT to Doug DeMuro

After 13 years and 31,232 miles I’ve sold my 2005 Ford GT to YouTube maestro Doug DeMuro. Doug and I have done a couple videos together, including the launch of the new Ford GT last year and a review of my 2018 Dodge Demon earlier this year.

Doug DeMuro is a genuine car guy, and he told me ever since he first drove a 2006 Ford GT a couple years ago he realized how special these cars are. I’m thrilled to see my car go him because, like me, Doug plans to actually D-R-I-V-E the GT. If I’d sold it to someone who was going to stick it away that would have been far more depressing. The car already has over 30,000 miles. There’s no reason to bubble wrap it now, and Doug won’t.

I’m also glad I sold my Ford GT to someone who is going to be less than 100 miles away, which means I can visit it whenever I need a second-generation Ford GT fix. In a perfect world I’ll have the resources and space necessary to repurchase the GT in a few years, but I emphasized to Doug, “This is Doug DeMuro’s Ford GT now. Do with it what you will.” Grab the popcorn. It’s going to be fun to watch Doug’s adventures in my…uh, his, Ford GT.


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  1. Pretty sure Doug will treat it well – something tells me it has a (another) good home 🙂

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