2005 Ford GT Karl Brauer Suit

The Ford GT cleans up well; certainly better than I do

In September of 2015 I had an opportunity to drive an Aston Martin DB10 ahead of the James Bond movie, Spectre, premiering in U.S. theaters. This was one of 10 cars produced for the movie, none of which were street legal and one of two that weren’t destroyed during the movie shoot. I used this opportunity to produce a story and video for Forbes in which you never see my face but you do get a glimpse of my hand or arm or some other random body part.

This meant wearing a proper James Bond-style suit, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a quick James Bond-type photo with the Ford GT. The Ford GT may not be a European sports car with the lineage of an Aston Martin or Ferrari, but it pulls off uptown, secret-agent-style quite well. Far better than I do.