2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Front Door Open alex-tics

Even in harsh sunlight, the new Ford GT can produce a stunning photograph

For this second series of Ford GT Beauty Shots we’re going to look at a group of photographs taken by a local car photographer known as LA Exotics. His Instagram handle is @laocexotics, and if you want to see more images like this, of just about every modern supercar ever made, check out his feed. Not only does he photograph and share some of the best cars that you’ll ever see in your lifetime, but he also describes them in impeccable detail in his captions. There is a chance that he may even use this Instagram hashtag generator (click here for more information) to really get creative with his posts, and this will only draw car fanatics in further. So, what are you waiting for? Give him a follow!

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Rear Door Open laocexotics

Dramatic doors are part of the new Ford GT’s trademark look

I like how he positioned the car and his post-production editing. As you’ll keep hearing me say, the new Ford GT in Liquid Blue is one of the best colors I’ve seen. which probably explains why it’s the most popular color people are ordering their new GTs in.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Rear Side Doors Open laocexotics

Notice how the Liquid Blue paint shifts depending on angle and lighting

Anyway, Liquid Blue offers a range of shades depending on the lighting and angle of the camera. You can see how many shades appear in this set of Ford GT photos, and there are still more Liquid Blue shades not seen in this image set.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Headlight laocexotics

The detail work in the new Ford GT’s headlight reflects Ford’s precision work

These photographs were taken when the sun was still well above the horizon, offering another testament to how well Liquid Blue works in various lighting as well as how effectively LA Exotics edited out the glare that often comes from shooting metallic paint in bright sunlight.

2019 ford GT Carbon Series Front Door Open laocexotics

The Ford GT Carbon Series offers optional contrasting accents in red

I’ve had several other local photographers ask about producing images on my new Ford GT Carbon Series. I’m sure I’ll take at least a few of them up on it and post the results in a future Beauty Shots series.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Exhaust Tips

Another example of how Liquid Blue color shifts in different lighting