1975 Triumph Trident T160 Karl Bandana

I mastered my non-corporate look about 30 years ago. This photo is from 1990

At a recent press event I used a bandana on my head after driving on the track with a helmet. Normally I would wear a traditional hat in that situation, but I didn’t have one with me. The only head covering in my bag was a bandana, which I’ve used to protect my scalp from sun and wind for over 30 years. I usually wear something over my head after wearing a helmet, both to protect my scalp from the elements and to protect my appearance from helmet hair.

Karl Brauer Bandana

A “bandana-wearing-Karl-Brauer” caused quite a stir at a recent press event…

However, this was the first time I’d worn a bandana at a press event, and it sent the other automotive journalists into quite a tizzy. “Dude, when are we gonna start rappin’?” “Yo man, where’s the smack down?” “Karl? I didn’t recognize you! You need to get a tattoo now.” Get a tattoo?…

1971 BSA Firebird Scrambler Karl Brauer

The classic British bike bug bit early; I was riding them all through college

Anyway, these and several similar comments were made in good fun, though it reminded me I’ve been doing the corporate thing so long none of my current industry colleagues have an awareness of my motorcycling past — and all the “hooligan-ism” that goes along with it.

Karl Brauer Talking Motorcycles Bandana

Check out the ultra-cool Honda RC30 at this motorcycle gathering in Denver in 1993

Karl Brauer Bandana Beard

Millennials like to think facial hair is cutting-edge hip – it’s been done guys

To counter this, I’m going to start posting motorcycle-themed items every Tuesday. I grew up watching “ChiPs” and, honestly, still regularly enjoy the reruns. My love for motorcycles didn’t just stop there. I was definitely influenced by a young Michelle Pfeiffer singing “Cool Rider” and I’ve been enjoying classic British motorcycles and modern Italian motorcycles since before I got my driver’s license. I’ll be sharing photos and stories from all of this two-wheeled tumult every Tuesday going forward.

1991 Ducati 851 Superbike Karl Bandana

A blood-red Ducati 851 Superbike with matching jacket…and bandana

Next week, the story behind that badass Triumph Trident pictured in the lead photo.