Only about 200 miles were added to my Ford GT in November of 2006. But some interesting GT statistics were reported this month. First, the final production numbers for the 2005 and 2006 models came out (the car’s production ended in October 2006). I also had enough miles on the GT to get a good sense of its fuel efficiency, which was better than anyone (including me) expected.

2005 Ford GT Production Numbers

The final 2005-2006 Ford GT production breakout by color and options

Ford GT Final Production Numbers, By Color and Option

November 2, 2006 at 6,104 miles

With Ford GT production officially ended there is now an accurate assessment of how the GT’s colors and options break down over its two-year run. You can see another version of this data at The Ford GT Forum and, if you’re a fan of these cars, this kind of production number information is fascinating (if you’re not, you likely put us GT freaks in the same category as people who wear Vulcan ears or have a “Mint on Card” version of every Star Wars figure — not that I belong to either of those groups, dammit!).