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New Ford GT Color Candidate: Lynndale Blue

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Lynndale Blue

This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette in Lynndale Blue caught my eye at a recent Cars & Coffee

I’ve already locked my order for my new Ford GT, but the process wasn’t easy. Ford allows buyers to paint the new Ford GT in any color they want, over and above the 8 factory colors. This means the only limit for new Ford GT buyers is imagination…and the ability to get the correct paint name or code to Ford.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Lynndale Blue Hood

This photo of the Corvette’s hood exactly captures the tone I liked

Among the custom colors I considered is a classic Corvette shade called Lynndale Blue. Corvettes have worn some iconic colors over the years, including Goodwood Green, Marlboro Maroon and Tuxedo Black. There’s been some memorable Corvette blues, too, including Marina Blue and Elkhart Blue.

Ford GT Floor Mats, Speedometer, Paint and Kick Panels

I still remember the Southern California “winter” of 2006-2007 as one of unusually “cold” temps and foggy/rainy days (sorry, as a Denver native I have to put quotes around “winter” and “cold” when I’m talking about Southern California). Of course, that’s the kind of weather us SoCal residents pray for these days — it’s been really hot here the last few years. Anyway, the Ford GT only added about 300 miles this month because I wasn’t driving it on those cold days. However, I did add some commentary (that proved incorrect…) about the car not having any floor mats included in the $150,000 price. I also talked about the Ford GT’s proper speedometer, a tire design that protects wheels, and the (sadly) appropriately named “kick” panels in the GT’s cabin.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Floor Mat

The Ford GT’s floor mats don’t really look like floor mats

Ford GT Doesn’t Come with Floor Mats…Or Does it?

January 2, 2007 at 7,190 miles

I’ve arleady whined about the lack of “special-ness” to the Ford GT’s key fob, but here’s another item you might expect to be included with your $150,000 purchase price — floor mats. The GT doesn’t come with any from the factory, and aftermarket units remain few and far between (though a couple companies are starting to offer them). On the one hand it’s not too big of a deal, because the car’s floor boards are a combination of metal, plastic and rubber that seems pretty durable. But, with the “cooling holes” design (also used for the seats) you get to clean out each hole separately when they’ve filled up with mud and other crud…

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