The new Ford GT is closely tied to a successful race car that’s already won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And like most high-performance street cars with a racing pedigree, Ford is encouraging buyers of the new Ford GT to exercise it at closed course race facilities. Among these encouraging factors is a complete set of race accessories designed and engineered by Sparco.

Sparco was founded in 1977 in Turin, Italy and is well known in racing circles as a supplier of helmets, fire-resistant driver suits, race seats, racing shoes and racing gloves. Ford partnered with Sparco to supply a line of Ford GT-branded racing equipment. The two kits offered by Sparco are the Track Kit and the VIN Kit.

The Track Kit includes a helmet, Ford Performance-badged fireproof racing suit (FIA approved), racing shoes and racing gloves. There’s also a large leather “Team Bag” to carry this equipment at the track. By working directly with Ford, Sparco was able to make the Team Bag using the same leather material and pattern featured in the new Ford GT interior.

The VIN Kit includes all the same racing equipment, but instead of the large leather Team Bag the VIN Kit comes with a smaller leather bag, sized to perfectly fit in the Ford GT’s small storage compartment located between the passenger cell and engine. You’re not going to fit all the Sparco equipment in this smaller bag, but it would make a great luggage item you know you can fill up and still fit in the GT.

Not only are these Sparco accessories badged with Ford GT and Ford Racing logos, they can also include a Ford GT owner’s name and VIN. These items are only available to original new Ford GT owners. Non-Ford GT owners, and second or later owners of the car, won’t be able to order these. I suspect Sparco already has a ready-and-willing list of new Ford GT owners lining to buy these kits.