New Ford GT Liquid Red VMAX Mode

The glowing shimmer of Liquid Red on a Ford GT is not a Photo Shop filter

As I’ve stated many times, the Ford GT’s design is dramatic, making it capable of looking great in just about any color. With that said, I’ve decided Liquid Red is the Ford GT’s most dramatic color. If you go on the Ford GT Configurator you can see the car in all eight factory-offered colors. And not surprisingly, the Ford GT looks dramatic in every one of those colors — on the configurator.

New Ford GT Liquid Red Rear End

The Ford GT’s dramatic styling perfectly syncs with the the drama of Liquid Red

But I’ve seen multiple Ford GT’s in every factory color, and several non-factory colors, in person over the past 3 years. I can now say with full confidence that Liquid Red translates from the configurator to real life better than any other standard color. There’s a “shimmer” in the paint that almost doesn’t seem real.

New Ford GT Liquid Red Tail Light

I wonder how long it took the paint engineers to create the specific shade of Liquid Red

I’ve already locked my new Ford GT order, and I never seriously considered Liquid Red for one major reason. While I generally love red on a car I never liked the idea of having it on a Ford GT (old or new). My reason is simple: red has such a strong association with Ferrari, and in my mind the Ford GT is the anti-Ferrari. Painting one red seems wrong to me.

New Ford GT Liquid Red Silver On Track Dusk

I didn’t get my Ford GT in Liquid Red, but maybe I should have…

That said, every time I see a new Ford GT in Liquid Red I’m struck by how good it looks. I’m still happy with my Ford GT configuration, but I’d be lying if I said this color wasn’t causing second thoughts…