Preferences Ford GT

Page one of the new Ford GT ordering preferences document

Given how much I’ve focused on the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT so far on this site it seems fitting to start bulking up the new Ford GT information. A couple weeks after receiving my official allocation letter I received a second document from Ford regarding my all-new Ford GT preferences.

This document included a request for basic contact information (email, landline, cell phone, primary language and preferred mailing address). Remember, the new GT will be a global vehicle, meaning a good chunk will be sold outside the U.S., so knowing a customer’s primary language is important.

Preferences Ford GT Page 2

The second page of the new Ford GT preferences document focuses on vehicle delivery

The document also had a page asking where the new Ford GT would be delivered and where it will mostly likely be operated. Ford wants it to be at least 40 degrees during every new Ford GT delivery, which means big chunks of the country can’t get their GTs delivered between November and March. Why the warmer temperature requirement? Probably because Ford doesn’t want to risk delivering the car in rainy or snowy conditions due to its specialized nature (i.e. its high performance capability — which could go horribly wrong on a cold, wet or snowy road).

Preferences Ford GT Page 3

The final page of the new Ford GT preferences document asked about configuration options

The last page of the document asked about initial vehicle preferences, with a specific focus on interior theme (color), racing stripes (yay or nay), exterior paint color and carbon fiber wheels versus forged aluminum wheels. A couple interesting things to note about this document. First, it makes it very clear that new Ford GT customers won’t be held to the preferences indicated on this document. Ford just wants to get an initial sense of how the production run of new GTs is going to break down from an exterior color, exterior stripe, interior color and wheel material choice.

You can see from the order form I filled out back in September of 2016 I went with “Light Speed” (dark blue) for my interior theme while opting for the exterior racing stripes, carbon fiber wheels and “extended color palette”, which means you can paint the new Ford GT any color you like, if you’re willing to pay extra. I like the idea of painting my new GT a non-factory color. However…there’s something of a paradox of choice going on here, meaning having any color I want made my head spin as I tried to find the perfect color for a new Ford GT.

Many of these initial ordering preferences were changed for the final specification I used for my Ford GT, but I can’t talk about that yet because my spec hasn’t been released to the general public, yet.