2005 Ford GT Window Sticker

My 2005 Ford GT window sticker

What was the original price of a 2005 Ford GT? Most people have a general sense of “around $150,000” but few people can tell you exactly what they cost. To remove all mystery around a Ford GT’s price I present my own 2005 Ford GT’s window sticker.

This window sticker shows every detail related to the car’s price, including base price, option pricing and the destination/delivery charge. I should note that my car was ordered with every option, except the McIntosh audio system. If I had ordered the McIntosh system it would have added $4,000 to the car, making the total price $156,945.

My actual “out the door” price was closer to $165,000 with tax, title and registration fees. With the Ford GT’s increase in value since 2005 this seems like a pretty good deal, though $165,000 in 2005 Apple stock would have been a better deal, at least from a pure financial perspective.

But it’s hard to drive Apple stock to multiple owners rally or back to Denver for a high school reunion. For my money I’m glad I invested in this asset.