New 2017 Ford GT in White (Again) in Chicago

2017 Ford GT White Chicago Auto Show
My second look at the 2017 Ford GT in white only increased its appeal

About a month after its Frozen White debut in Detroit the same 2017 Ford GT prototype appeared at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show (wearing the same color). The color’s impact on me hadn’t faded a bit 4 weeks after the Detroit show, with many fans appropriately dubbing this white 2017 Ford GT “stormtrooper.”

2017 Ford GT White Chicago Auto Show Front
This 2017 Ford GT’s interior features the orange “Launch Control” trim

One of my favorite aspects of this white prototype is the interior, which I couldn’t get a good photo of but features the orange “Launch Control” trim from the Ford GT Configurator. Orange wouldn’t be my first choice for a 2017 Ford GT interior color, but I took a close look at it during the Chicago Auto Show and really liked it. You can also get orange stripes and brake calipers, so if you want your new Ford GT with an orange theme you can have it.

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