Ford GT and an Aston Martin DB9

When you meet friends for lunch, sometimes they bring their own exotic car

December 2012: Meeting an Aston Martin DB9 for Lunch

Between my own access and my friends’ access to press vehicles it’s not uncommon for me run into some pretty exotic machinery during otherwise casual gatherings. Back in December of 2012 I met an automotive journalist friend of mine for lunch at the Camarillo airport. I was driving my Ford GT and he was driving a brand new Aston Martin DB9.

There’s actually a¬†connection between these cars, despite the disparate parent brands and countries of original. The Aston Martin DB9 has an aluminum body, as does the Ford GT. Aston Martin was owned by Ford Motor Company when the Ford GT was produced, with Ford leveraging what it learned from Aston when it engineered the GT (Ford sold Aston Martin¬†in 2007).

Aaaaand, Ford’s leadership prior to Mark Fields was a gentleman named Alan Mullally, who ran Boeing before running Ford and helped Ford expand its use of aluminum beyond exotic cars like the DB9 and Ford GT. Of course if all that seems like too much of a stretch there’s another element that ties these cars together.

They both look really good!

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