A Collection of Ford GT Configurations

2017 Ford GT Black
Here’s a straightforward Ford GT spec: Shadow Black with black wheels

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Ford GT Configurator is pretty impressive. It doesn’t replace seeing a car in person, as you can never really understand how a car, or a color, looks until you’ve seen it life-size and in person. Of course seeing every possible new Ford GT color, stripe, wheel style and carbon-fiber finish in person isn’t easy. Given that challenge the Ford GT Configurator provides a realistic alternative.

2017 Ford GT White
And here’s the other straightforward spec: Frozen White with black wheels

Every new Ford GT buyer has probably spent more time on the configurator than they’d like to admit. The possible combinations are nearly limitless, even before you add in the custom color options. And even now, with my Ford GT spec locked in, I still like to gaze at the car in different colors. I’ve pulled all the images on this page from the Ford GT Configurator. If you want to quickly peruse every color (but certainly not every possible combination of stripe and wheel options for each color) this entry makes for easy viewing. Enjoy!

2017 Ford GT Liquid Blue Gray
This is likely the most popular new Ford GT color: Liquid Blue
2017 Ford GT Silver Red
Here’s a Ford GT nobody will miss: Ingot Silver with red stripes
2017 Ford GT Yellow
Another not-so-subtle choice: Triple Yellow with black stripes
2017 Fod GT Liquid Gray
This color looks better on the configurator than in person: Liquid Gray with stripes
2017 Ford GT Red Black
What color translates from configurator to real life the best: Liquid Red
2017 Ford GT Black Blue
There’s still a lot of debate on the new Ford GT: to stripe or not to stripe
2017 Ford GT White Blue
The classic American racing colors look good on the new Ford GT
2017 Ford GT Matte Orange
If traditional colors aren’t interesting enough Ford does offer the GT in a matte finish

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