What Color New Ford GT to Get? The Configurator Only Goes So Far

2017 Ford GT Red Black
The 2017 Ford GT looks good in nearly any color, including Liquid Red

The new Ford GT’s design is stunning in almost any color. The low profile, aggressive body lines and flying buttresses give it a visual presence few street cars can match. If you’ve been allocated one and have to pick a color, stripe and wheel combination the choice isn’t easy. I’ve been playing around with the Ford GT configurator and while I’ve eliminated a few colors there are still several I’m considering. Read more

Making the Ultimate Ford GT Parts Run

2005 Ford GT Transit Parts
My Ford GT, and over 100 Ford GT parts, just before being loaded for shipping

When I got my Ford GT in August of 2005 I quickly realized something was very different about this car versus all the 1960s muscle cars I’d owned over the previous 30 years. The GT was a brand-new car, and that meant replacement parts were readily available for it. After struggling to get parts for my Plymouth GTXs and Dodge Challengers I reveled in the idea I could get anything I wanted for the Ford GT by simply calling on my local Ford dealer.  Read more

New 2017 Ford GT in White (Again) in Chicago

2017 Ford GT White Chicago Auto Show
My second look at the 2017 Ford GT in white only increased its appeal

About a month after its Frozen White debut in Detroit the same 2017 Ford GT prototype appeared at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show (wearing the same color). The color’s impact on me hadn’t faded a bit 4 weeks after the Detroit show, with many fans appropriately dubbing this white 2017 Ford GT “stormtrooper.” Read more

New 2017 Ford GT Debuts in Detroit

New Ford GT Press Conference
Bill Ford Jr. and Mark Fields introduce the new Ford GT in Detroit

Starting in the fall of 2014 there were vague-yet-recurring rumblings about Ford building an all-new Ford GT. This rumor resurfaced every couple years after the 2005-2006 Ford GT ended production in October of 2006, making it hard to take this one seriously. At first…

But the rumors went from vague to specific as the the Detroit auto show approached. By December 2014 I was hearing the GT rumor from highly reliable sources, gradually wearing down my skepticism and inspiring me to get up early on January 12, 2015. That was the first press day of the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and Ford had the first press conference that day. Read more

2017 Ford GT Welcome Guide: My Purchase Approaches…

2017 Ford GT US Welcome Guide
The new Ford GT Welcome Guide opens with a dramatic image

After getting allocated a new 2017 Ford GT last July, I (along with 999 other folks) have been anxiously awaiting news from the Ford GT Concierge Service. As the initial GT allocation letter indicated, the Ford GT Concierge Service will provide “…a unique client experience from the initial ordering process, through delivery and ownership.” Let’s take a close look through every page of this new Ford GT Welcome Guide that showed up a few days ago. Read more

2017 Ford GT: Preliminary Vehicle Preferences

Preferences Ford GT
Page one of the 2017 Ford GT ordering preferences document

Given how much we’ve focused on the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT so far on this site it seems fitting to start bulking up the 2017 Ford GT information. That’s easier said than done, as much of the 2017 Ford GT’s information remains shrouded in mystery — even its price! But a couple weeks after receiving my official allocation letter I received a second document from Ford regarding the all-new 2017 Ford GT. Read more

I Get to Buy a 2017 Ford GT!

Ford GT Allocation Letter
2017 Ford GT Allocation Letter

It seems fitting to launch this site with a post about receiving an allocation for a 2017 Ford GT. Ford has only committed to to building approximately 1000 of these unique vehicles over a 4-year production run, with only 600 available in the U.S. Getting approved was not easy, but I had an 11-year/27,000-mile history of being an original 2005 Ford GT owner helping my case for a 2017 Ford GT allocation.

This site will describe my ownership history with my 2005 Ford GT, which really began in January 2002. It will also chronicle my experience of ordering, receiving, owning (…and paying for…) a 2017 Ford GT. I have over a thousand photos and over 100 ownership blog posts from the last 11 years, plus quite a few videos documenting everything I’ve seen and done since Ford unveiled its yellow GT40 concept car at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show. I’ll be posting all of them here over the next few months while also reporting on my impending purchase of a 2017 Ford GT. Read more