Ford GT Axle Bolt Recall, That’s Not a Recall

In January of 2008 Ford issued an official “Customer Satisfaction Program” to replace all Ford GT axle shaft bolts, free of charge. This offer applied to original and subsequent Ford GT owners. The program came after more than a year of back-and-forth between Ford and Ford GT owners, and while the program wasn’t dubbed a “recall” it ultimately amounted to Ford acknowledging the problem. A bit overdue? Yes, but better late than never.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Axle Bolt Recall Notice
Ford announced a “customer satisfaction program” to replace faulty axle bolts

Ford GT’s Axle Bolt Fix — Don’t call it a recall!!

January 7, 2008 at 11,640 miles

After first hearing about axle shaft bolt failures on Ford GTs in October of 2006, and then having them replaced by The Ford GT Guys in August of 2007 (at my own expense) Ford Motor Company is now offering an official “Customer Satisfaction Program” to replace these bolts free of charge. The program offers to replace the axle shaft bolts and washers, even if they’ve already been replaced with aftermarket parts, free of charge. And this offer applies not only to original Ford GT owners but all subsequent owners as well. Read more

Ford GT: Drive It and Enjoy the Fuel Mileage

I celebrated hitting 11,000 miles on the Ford GT’s odometer this month, which translates into approximately 100 miles a week since I bought it in August of 2005. That’s not a lot of driving for a Honda Accord, but it’s massive miles for an exotic and it made me very happy to realize the car was being driven as its engineers intended. I also noted the Ford GT’s impressive lifetime fuel efficiency of 16.72 mpg, which is impressive for a car turning zero-to-60 in 3.5 seconds.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Driving No Bubble Wrap
Putting a Ford GT in bubble wrap is a crime against great engineering

Ford GT Rule #1: Drive it! No Bubble Wrap Allowed!

November 2, 2007 at 11,000 miles

First rule of new-performance-car ownership: DRIVE IT! I know too many people buy cars like this and essentially bubble wrap them. What are you saving it for? A rainy day? Retirement? The second wife?

Our long-term Ford GT just turned over 11,000 miles after 27 months in service. For the math challenged (that would be me), this translates to an average of just over 400 miles a month, or 100 miles a week. Yes, this one gets driven. Read more

Ford GT Competes in Car Show and Gets Quicker from Engine Modifications

October 2007 was another slow month for driving the Ford GT. There was some action in the areas of car shows and acceleration testing. Both events occurred this month, with my first-ever official car show entry resulting in a second place trophy. And we finally tested the Ford GT, post horsepower modifications, to see how much quicker it was from zero-to-60 and through the quarter mile. Thankfully, it gained in both areas…

2005 Ford GT Long Term Westlake Car Show
My 2005 Ford GT entered its first official show in Westlake, California

Ford GT Competes in Car Show

October 9, 2007 at 10,820 miles

I’ve never entered a vehicle in a car show. I like attending shows, but the idea of competing in them never really appealed to me. This past weekend I entered the my Ford GT in the 22nd Annual Westlake Village Auto Show. As an automotive enthusiast heading toward my fourth decade it was probably past time. Read more

Ford GT Upgraded JVC Head Unit and Engine Parts

There wasn’t a lot of action for the Ford GT in September of 2007. Only about 10 miles were added to the odometer, with some brief comments about the upgraded audio system and a reminder that it still needed to be re-tested for acceleration to see how much the performance upgrades had improved its zero-to-60 and quarter-mile acceleration. Thankfully, those upgraded did indeed make a difference, but we it wasn’t confirmed until next month.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Display Screen
The JVC head unit continues to make the Ford GT feel more advanced

2005 Ford GT: Aftermarket Audio System Still Rocks

September 7, 2007 at 10,789 miles

After six months and 3,000-miles the verdict on the aftermarket JVC audio head unit (KD-NX5000) is near universal approval. The ability to enjoy Sirius satellite radio, hard disk music, Bluetooth/hands-free phone operation, DVD audio and videos, MP3s and detailed navigation guidance make the GT nearly as technically advanced as, say, an LS 600h. The single best items are the “tilt-able” face place that cuts glare and reflections, along with the bright, clear screen display. Sticking points remain too frequent Sirius signal dropout (especially in canyons or along the coast) and kludgy Bluetooth connections between the unit and a cell phone (you can always get it to work eventually, but it takes too much fumbling each time a new phone has to be paired)…

Read more

Ford GT Modified by Ford GT Guys before Owners Rally and Ferrari Swap

In August of 2007 my Ford GT got its first serious aftermarket upgrades (beyond the audio head unit I swapped out months earlier). The upgrades included more power, a short-throw shifter and a transmission cooler. The car also attended the second annual Ford GT Owners Rally in Newport Beach, though it didn’t complete the event because a failing shock had it banging over bumps. I also noticed some rubbing between the rear clamshell and the body above the side scoops. The odometer crossed 10,500 miles this month.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Spa Treatment
The Ford GT spent a day getting upgrades to its power and performance

Ford GT Gets Serviced by Ford GT Guys

August 1, 2007 at 10,058 miles

My Ford GT just spent a day in the spa-like, caring hands of The GT Guy. Rich and Dennis were part of the original team that maintained various Ford GTs during development and pre-production testing. They’ve done everything from replacing oil filters to rebuilding wrecked Ford GTs from the frame up. You might say these guys know a thing or two about working on the GT. Read more

Ford GT has Billet Suspension Pieces, Aluminum Door Trim and is Motorcycle Approved

July of 2007 was a big month for my Ford GT. It was tested for acceleration times in stock form because I knew I’d be modifying it for more power and I wanted baseline numbers. I played around with the loose aluminum door trim while waiting for improved fasteners. I noted the car still felt tight after more than 9,000 miles on the odometer, I commented on why most 2005 Ford GTs have billet aluminum A-arms, and I noticed the door sill scuff plates were, unfortunately, living up to their name. The odometer reached nearly 10,000 miles this month.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Laguna Seca
The Ford GT still feels tight at 9,000 miles

Ford GT Still Feels New After 9,000 miles

July 2, 2007 at 9,068 miles

Vehicles age a lot like humans. In both cases you rarely notice the process because it happens slowly, but get away from a car (or person) for a good chunk of time and when you come back some additional chassis looseness (in both cases) is quickly noticed. I was in the unique position of driving the primary West Coast Ford GT PR car on several occasions. The last time I drove it the odometer read somewhere north of 23,000 miles, all of them accumulated at the hands of automotive journalists and Ford employees… Read more

Ford GT California Owners Rally and Fuel Gauge

2005 Ford GT Long Term Rally
We ruled the roads in Malibu with 25 Ford GTs

In June of 2007 a gathering of 25 Ford GTs gathered in Malibu for a California Owners Rally. It caused quite a stir in car-jaded Southern California. The car’s stalling problem also seemed to fix itself (bad gas?), but the fuel gauge did exhibit signs of confusion. The odometer turned over 9,000 miles this month. Read more

Ford GT Attends Ford Car Show, Has Sirius and Idle Problems

In May, 2007, I finally took my Ford GT to the popular “Cars and Coffee” PAG car show in South Orange County. At that time this show was 100 miles from my house, and you had to be there by 6 a.m. to get a parking spot, so it required getting up at 4 a.m. Ironically, now I live 5 miles from this show…but it stopped happening about a year after I moved to Orange County (boo!). That month I also wrestled with weak Sirius satellite radio reception (this was pre-SiriusXM merger) and a low idle speed with occasional engine stalling. The odometer turned over 8,800 miles.

2005 Ford GT PAG Car Show
The Ford GT was the celebrated model at a recent car show

Ford GT Attends Car Show for Fords

May 14, 2007 at 8,560 miles

One of the best Southern California car shows happens every Saturday morning in the parking lot of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group headquarters in Irvine. While the weekly show — dubbed “Cars and Coffee” — takes place at a Ford property a wide variety of vehicles show up and the weekly “theme” for the show can range from Ferrari to Chevrolet. But this past Saturday the theme was indeed “Powered by Ford” and as expected a goodly number of Blue Oval iron showed up. Included in the festivities was a collection of 20 Ford GTs, one of which being my Midnight Blue model. All eight Ford GT colors were represented, though ours was the only blue one on site (there were several red, a couple black and Tungsten, and one each in white, yellow, silver and the Heritage colors). Read more

Ford GT Fix-a-Flat, Owners Rally, Fuel Filler Nozzle, Fabulous Fords Car Show and Bluetooth

This month a question about the Ford GT’s fix-a-flat chemical sealant was asked. Specifically, how long does it last before it needs to be replaced? Other topics of discussion included the confirmation of a second annual Ford GT Owners Rally, the specific nature of the GT’s fueling procedure, the car’s popularity at Ford car shows, and the need to install a bluetooth microphone to keep phone calls legal. The odometer turned over 8,200 miles in April of 2007.

2005 Ford GT Long Term Fix-a-Flat
The Ford GT doesn’t have a spare tire, just a fix-a-flat system

Ford GT Fix-a-Flat System

April 2, 2007 at 7,928 miles

In my battery-charging adventure last weekend I had occasion to take a close look at the Ford GT’s “tire repair kit” (being a modern performance car it, of course, has no true spare). The kit is pretty impressive in that it combines a tow hook, air compressor and “fix-a-flat” tire sealant into a compact package that fits in the GT’s compact cargo bay. But in looking at the kit I noticed the “expiration date” of the sealant — in this case it’s February of 2009. It made me wonder what an owner is supposed to do post February 2009? Read more

Get Thee to the Goodwood Revival

2016 Goodwood Revival Ford GT GT40
The old and new Ford GTs looked right at home among the rarified machinery

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Goodwood Revival in Chichester, England (about an hour south of London). This event takes place on Lord March’s sprawling estate, and if the words “Lord” and “sprawling” paint images of wealth and decadence in your brain, good. You’re getting an idea of what the Goodwood Revival is all about.
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